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Inverter Generators

Inverter generator technology reduces the size and weight of your backup power source, and more importantly, reduces the noise output. Since inverter generators can run at varying speeds, this significantly reduces the decibel level and the fuel consumption. The key to keeping a generator quiet isn't the engine itself, but rather the alternator. Inverter generators take the Alternating Current (AC) power generated and convert it into Direct Current (DC). This power is then 'inverted' back to AC power. This process allows for a much cleaner power and ensures that the correct voltage and frequency is maintained. This consistency is especially important with electronic equipment or other sensitive items.

The state-of-the-art technology was very expensive several years ago, however, prices have dropped significantly on the small portable generators. Power produced by inverter generators is close to the consistent power you'd expect from plugging in to a wall socket powered by the electric grid. The inverter generator models are excellent RV generators and camping generators, and are very popular with boaters and tailgaters.

inverter generators

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How do Inverter Generators Work?