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Propane Generators

Propane Generators are sometimes also referred to as liquid petroleum gas (LPG) since they require a tank separate from the generator itself.  Unlike gasoline and diesel, propane generators will not degrade while stored, so it is a viable option for people who don't need backup power on a regular basis. Propane is also a cleaner burning fuel providing improved smell upon combustion. In addition to emergency backup home use, they are very popular for recreational uses such as RVs, camping, and even tailgating before sporting events. As with any type of backup power device, maximum power ratings and continuous power ratings will vary based on the specific brand and model. When browsing our selection, make sure to click on the 'Specs' tab to view the model, engine, product, and other specifications. Important features to consider when purchasing propane generators are run-time, tank size, weight, and operational volume (db). If you have any questions before you purchase, please feel free to contact us. And remember, all purchases at include free shipping!


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