Bi Fuel Generators - Dual Fuel Generators

Bi Fuel Generators - Dual Fuel Generators

Bi-Fuel Generators

Bi-Fuel Generators give you the option of multiple fuel types on a single generator. Also called dual fuel generators, these are a great solution when fuel availability issues arise in times of crisis, and ensure you have an emergency back up power source at all times. Typical configurations give you the best of both propane generators and gas generators and allow for easy switching between the two. This dual fuel generator capability gives users two options: clean burning benefits of propane or a mobile free-standing generator for more routine applications with gasoline.

The versatility of bi-fuel generators has led to a surge in their popularity. Users appreciate the flexibility to switch between fuel sources at a moments notice without the added cost of owning two separate generators. Browse our selection of Dual Fuel and Bi-Fuel Generators below. If you have any questions please let us know, and remember that the prices on these generators include our Free Shipping.

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Portable Bi-Fuel Generators

Bi-Fuel Powered Generators