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PTO generators provide portable and backup generator power in farming, ranch, and other agricultural applications. Farms provide the engine driven PTO power with the readily available tractors already on hand. A PTO generator is powered through a tumbling bar connected between the tractor’s PTO and the generator's connection point. PTO generators are often used during power failure events that visit farmers during harsh winter seasons with common ice storms or simply to backup less than reliable utility power grids servicing rural farm locations. PTO generators can also be handy portable power around your ranch or farm when used with off-road single axle PTO trailers or three-point hitches. Farmers also make use of PTO generators to power their homes during the same common power failure events.


PTO generators are robustly engineered with function and durability in mind. Farmers require these rugged PTO generators to be built in such a way that they can stand up against a farm's unforgiving and harsh environment. A PTO generator investment can also be a fraction of the cost of a self-contained home standby generator or other portable generator providing a great return on investment by using the readily available tractor’s PTO as generator power. PTO generators are available in a range of sizes typically from 10 kw to 75 kW, to as much as 165 kW and are offered in both single phase pto generator and three phase pto generator configurations. PTO generators save farmers, ranchers, and agriculture based operations millions of dollars each year in support of harvesting activities, beef cattle, hog confinements, chickens, dairy facilities, and other critical operations that fall prey to unreliable power grids and unpredictable adverse weather that can compromise a farmer’s electricity and ultimately the bottom line.


Winco PTO GeneratorsAbsolute Generators has developed over the years a strategic partnership with the Amercian brand PTO Generator manufacturer, Winco, of Le Center, Minnesota.  Building and selling generators since 1927, and PTO generators dating back to the 1950s has given Winco the opportunity to simply understand what a farmer needs and wants in a PTO generator. Near and dear to the American farmer is also Winco's ability to offer the only truly American built PTO Generator.  All Winco PTO generators from 25kW through 75kW are machined, wound, assembled and tested in the United States.  Winco has thousands of PTO generators presently in service that continue to serve as a resumé of durability, performance, and ultimately the upmost assurances when the power fails.  Being an American based manufacturer provides the strongest service and parts support you will find in the PTO generator market.



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Single Phase 120 volt and 240 volt PTO Generators

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PTO GeneratorsThree Phase 120 volt and 240 volt PTO Generators

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