Generator Warranty Information | Absolute Generators

Generator Warranty Information | Absolute Generators

Generator Warranty Information

Purchasing a generator from Absolute Generators is just like purchasing one from a equipment dealership or retail store.  Your warranty is not with any of us, but is directly with the equipment manufacturer and commonly the engine manufacturer built into your unit.  This is the best case scenario for you so that you can most likely access a manufacturer’s service network of local service shops and support centers in your immediate area.

All of our new products are backed by at least a 90 day manufacturer's warranty.  Many of our manufacturers honor 1, 2, and up to 5 year warranties.  Please pay particular attention to the terms of your warranty as limitations and qualifications likely apply.  In many cases your generator's engine will be warranted by the original engine manufacturer (John Deere, Cummins, Perkins, Isuzu, etc...) separate from all other components on your generator which themselves will be honored by the original equipment manufacturer (Multiquip, Winco, Gillette, etc...).

If your product needs servicing under its warranty, you can take it to one of the manufacturer's authorized service centers or engine repair service centers, who will repair the product per the terms of your warranty. Some of our manufacturer customer service centers are noted below. Products sold, shipped, or used outside the lower 48 states (i.e. Alaska, Hawaii, Mexico, Canada, or internationally) will often times have significant warranty term restrictions, if not voiding the warranty entirely. We suggest you contact the manufacturer's warranty department directly prior to purchasing if you have such a concern.

Again, your warranty is not with Absolute Generators, though we can help facilitate communication in the unfortunate situation that you need to utilize your policy.   

All Power America 888-896-6881 Find Local Service Center
Amico 888-545-7788 Find Local Service Center;
Briggs and Stratton 800-444-7774 Find Local Service Center
Champion Power Equipment 877-338-0999 Find Local Service Center
Duro Max 800-629-3325 Find Local Service Center
Gentron Power Equipment/Universal Product Concepts INC. 951-340-0111 Find Local Service Center
NorthStar  800-270-0810  
PowerHorse  800-317-1260  
Sportsman Series by Buffalo Tools 636-532-9888 Find Local Service Center
 Steele Products 888-896-6881 Find Local Service Center
 Subaru   Find Local Service Center