Tri-Fuel Generators - Multi-Fuel Generators

Tri-Fuel Generators - Multi-Fuel Generators

Tri-Fuel Generators

Purchasing a Winco Tri-Fuel Generator ensures safe, reliable backup power anytime you need. Whether in crisis or in everyday commercial or residential use, the fuel you choose may result in you having power or not. Utilizing a tri-fuel generator gives you the option multiple fuel types on a single generator at a fraction of the cost of purchasing three separate generators. Also called hybrid-fuel or multi-fuel generators, these powerful backup power solutions ensure that whatever fuel availability issues arise in times of crisis, you are able to adapt. Tri-fuel generators give users options when the mass fuel storage (by LP), unlimited natural gas provision from public utilities, or clean burning benefits of natural gas and/or propane are preferred, while having the ability to utilize a more mobile free-standing generator for routine applications with gasoline and on a non-rigid frame generator (such as a home standby).

Multi-fuel generators are a power solution for events of power failure.  They can serve as a backup for your furnace and sump pump, or even a weekend up at the lodge. Tri-Fuel Generators are also used in many commercial applications. Businesses appreciate the versatility of multiple fuel sources which allows them to easily switch between propane, natural gas, and gasoline. Since they are portable, you have access to electricity anywhere you need, but can store your tri-fuel generator out of sight. Winco tri-fuel generators are the most reliable in the industry and we guarantee they'll stand up to the toughest of conditions. Please shop our selection below and let us know we can assist in any way.

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Portable Tri-Fuel Generators

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