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Lift Gate Service | Absolute Generators

Lift Gate Service

*As of 01-01-2014, all orders over 150 lbs. delivering to a residential address include complimentary lift gate service.

To ensure your overweight products are delivered safely and securely, we provide the option to add "Lift Gate Service" to your order on all equipment that weighs over 149 lbs. To do so, we typically charge a fee that originates from our freight carriers.  You could call it a "pass-through fee."  The fee exists from the carriers to our company to coordinate and ensure your delivery truck is specifically equipped with the proper lift gate equipment as well as the additional time freight carriers attribute to orders that require additional services like this.

Any equipment weighing more than 149 lbs. is typically delivered by a semi-truck. These trucks are designed to unload at loading docks and freight terminals and are not equipped to deliver products at ground level. The rear mounted hydraulic lift gate lowers the product from a trailer deck height of 48 inches to the ground at your curb side.  In order to avoid lift gate service on items over 149 lbs. you should have access to a forklift, freight terminal, a commercial loading dock, or 3 - 4 strong, willing, and able-bodied people who are available at time of delivery to help unload the equipment. (Truck drivers are not required nor expected to help lift products from their trailer/truck.)

Lift gate service is a great choice if you do not have the equipment or strength to unload your equipment from a height of 4' down to the ground adjacent to your curb.  We find most of our residential customers add this service to their orders.